Let the Countdown Begin


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I was thinking of you all while I hit the hotel gym right before you started the Turkey Gobbler. It looked like there was lots of fun Thanksgiving fitness and Turkey tossing going on here in the Burgh! All of the posts and pictures made my heart smile!
We had a Thanksgiving to remember in NYC watching the Macy’s Day Parade with my In Laws and celebrating my mother in laws birthday and Makenna’s 13th birthday together!
On Thanksgiving we started reminiscing about past holidays and recalling all of the different ways that we had spent them.

In my 20’s I spent several holidays away from my family and fiance, now husband on the cruise ship. I remember being in Puerto Rico one Thanksgiving and calling my family from a payphone to talk. We were excited that they were serving “Thanksgiving dinner” on the ship and not so excited when we were presented with black bean stuffing and sweet potato pie.
Then there were a few years in Los Angeles when we couldn’t make it home and we celebrated with our Los Angeles friends and “family”.

13 Years ago I had just given birth to Makenna in LA and they let me leave the hospital a day early to celebrate Thanksgiving at home.

There were years where I hosted 40 people and cooked two turkeys
and then years where it was just a few of us and a quiet cozy Thanksgiving.
There were years with sick kids, years where we lost loved ones and years with newborns.
This year was another new way to experience Thanksgiving, one that we will always remember and one that we were blessed to be able to share with a part of our family.

The years have taught me to appreciate who and what I have in my life at the moment because there are no guarantees for the future.
Every experience holds it’s own beauty, good, bad, happy or sad, it makes us who we are and reminds us to be grateful for where we are.

We are entering the holiday season. For some it is magical time and some may be struggling. Maybe you are struggling. This can be the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be a lonely and stressful time of the year. Let’s join together to bring as much love as we can to those around us this holiday season!

Let the Countdown Begin!!!! Stay tuned for tomorrows tips on how to Reset from your “Holiday Hangover”!


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