25 Days of Merry FitMas!!


I hope you had a great weekend! As the busy holiday season arrives a lot of us will be trying to achieve that thing called Life Balance,
the balance between many important areas in our lives. I’ve heard many different experts speak on this and the conclusion is that “Balance” in life doesn’t exist! We have 5 or 6 balls in life and we are constantly juggling them. The more balls that we have the harder it becomes to juggle. We can’t be great at everything all of the time even though we’d like to. Sometimes we need to put a ball down. All of our balls are fragile. If we drop the same ball too many times it will break! For most of us our important balls in life look like this
3.Health and Fitness
It’s hard to be great at more than juggling three balls at a time. You can’t juggle all of your balls great all of the time.
So as we enter the holiday season remember to choose different balls daily and be OK with putting a few down when you have to or need to just don’t put down the same balls too often!

All balls are important and once a ball is broken it can be hard to fix!

Have a Great Week!!
We Hope to See you in the House!!!

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