Grateful for you!

11-20-17 grateful

It was a busy Weekend with FitHouse Activity and a great reminder of all that there is to be thankful for!!! Friday night we ended the week a MyZone MEPS party. It was 2 hours of fitness and a whole lot of FUN!!! Relay races,  musical mats, the fish game and Sand Ball Toss were a few of the highlights! We were on a mission for MEPS but turned it into a few hours of fun! 

Over the past month our members have brought in items for the boxes of love. We have some of the most generous members!  This weekend our family tied up the odds and ends and packed them up to take to the City Mission. It was so good to see the kids off their electronics and really engaged in a great cause. They kept coming up with more and more ideas of what we should add to the boxes. It’s great to know that 6 families will have a little more happiness to their holiday thanks to all of you! 

Today we ran The Run 10 Feed 10 on Peters Trail. It was a virtual run and the registration covered the cost of feeding 10 local families. Things started out a little cold but warmed up quickly and it was a great morning for all who participated. 

Lastly, tonight at midnight we wrap up The Coast to Coast MEPS Challenge. We had 34 participants from FitHouse battling it out for the past 30 Days with 6 other facilities across the country to earn activity points based on our heart rates through the MyZone system that we have.

We only have two hours to go it is safe to say we will take a strong second to a Team called The Energy Lab from California. I am so proud of our team and how they played this past month. We started out in front and then went head to head with the Energy Lab for the past two weeks. Competitions are always a lot of fun but can also be a different experience for everyone involved. These are some of my takeaways from the Coast to Coast Challenge.

 Challenges can often help you realize that you are capable of more than you ever thought, they can help you step out of your comfort zone,  or meet someone new, that is truly what it’s all about.

YOU are the only one who can determine your success!!!

As with everything in life…often you get out of it what you put into it. That factor can change an entire experience. 

This challenge motivated me to do some things that I haven’t done in awhile…bleacher workouts, outdoor runs, night time pushes and brownie eating…thanks to the Bentzs!!!

It was a reminder that getting out of my comfort zone is a great thing and there are many ways to do that. It was great to see like minded teammates on a mission, believing in each other, supporting each other and motivating one another. Things are better with a team!!!

It is an incredible thing to be able to do what we did with our bodies this past month. There are many out there who can’t. DON’T take any day for granted, don’t take a body that is healthy and strong for granted, honor the days that you have time to exercise because you CAN!!! Ignore that voice in your head that says I don’t feel like it because there will be plenty of days when life gets in the way and you really can’t. 

This weekend reminded me how grateful I am for the FitHouse Community!  We are all on different journeys but our passion to be healthy and fit, to be the best version of ourselves has brought us together. It’s not always easy to make our health and fitness a priority. We are on this mission to live our best, feel our best and have fun while we are at it!!! Being surrounded by an amazing Community makes it a lot easier. #GRATEFULFORALLOFYOU!!!

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