What Does FIT Mean to You?

what does fit mean to you

what does FIT mean to YOU?

About a month ago FitHouse was asked to be a part of Canon Macs FIT Day. It’s a great day where they line up all day activities related to health and fitness. We kicked off their day with a warm up and work out on the field. They requested aerobic like activities with some dance mixed in. Who better to bring but the finest Jam Instructor in Town..Kara! Now I know I can speak for Kara as well in saying that as 400 7th graders kids entered the stadium we were a little doubtful about our ability to win them over.

Well two moms from Peters pulled it off. In a matter of minutes the kids were moving, smiling, laughing and sweating. At one point we had to fight them off the stage!
It was such reinforcement that Movement and music are some powerful stuff!!! We did agility drills, strength drills, mobility drills and we jammed hard!!!

None of that is really important, what WAS REALLY important was the energy that was created that morning. There were laughs, smiles, high fives and we had a BLAST! I was really proud of the kids.
I was asked to come back in the afternoon and do some motivational speaking for the 7th graders. Now that was a challenge that I was not sure that I was up for lol! After all I have teens of my own! Of course I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to possibly get into the head of maybe just one kid and have something that I say maybe make a difference.

Since their day was called Fit Day I decided to share my experience with what it means to be FIT!
I started by asking them what their idea of FIT was. I got some of the typical answers, having muscles, exercising, being strong. This is how many people view FIT.  In the third session a young girl gave a definition that I loved….FIT is feeling good!  FIT is so much more than having muscles! FIT is something we ALL need in our lives!!! As I left there Friday afternoon I was reminded that WE are the best leaders that this future generation can have, in our homes, in our schools and in the messages and things that we teach our children.

Here’s what I shared and I am sharing it with you because if we all focused on being “FIT” it would add so much value to our lives! The future generation need us to pass it along to them!!!

What is FIT????

Feeling good for the life you desire.

Ultimately being fit is about a feeling good! To life the life I desire I need great energy, I need to be happy, I need to be strong and I need to have confidence. Fitness is a choice and it is made up of multiple lifestyle choices that include

Fueling your body right with whole, nutrient filled food

Including Exercise and movement daily

Getting enough Sleep and recovery to rebuild and recharge

Having a Positive Mindset

Intelligent Choices are necessary for true Fitness

Our lives are the sum of the choices that we have made. The choices that we make today have an impact on our tomorrows. Choices can put more stress in our lives and lead us away from who we want to be or they can reduce the stress in our lives and move us in a forward direction.  Choices can give us health or lead us towards disease. Choices can create unnecessary conflict in our lives or can lead us towards peace. We need to recognize our power with choice and choose wisely.

Taking Action

We can have the absolute BEST intentions but without action nothing changes, nothing happens. We had 3 sessions of about 135 7th graders. I stood in front of them with a FitHouse bag with a book and a Starbucks gift card inside. I held it up and asked “Who wants this?”  About 134 hands went up and I heard the ME ME ME!!!  I  stood there for a few seconds then I said what will you do to get it?  After a minute or so of a few shout outs, looking at their friends and whispering someone  came up and grabbed it. That was what I was waiting for!  They took action! Whether it be our health and fitness or something else that we want in life ACTION is a MUST! Taking Action was something that took me a lot of practice! It is still one of the hardest things to do sometimes. Taking action can be scary, it can be uncomfortable. It is easy to keep ourselves trapped in the what if zone. What if I look stupid, what if it doesn’t work out, what if I’m not good enough, what if I overextend myself. We can waste a lot of unnecessary time and energy in this place. When we take action we create momentum, we create energy and we usually empower ourselves to keep taking action!

There are many components to truly being FIT! It’s a way of life that includes our body, our minds and our spirits. One doesn’t work without the other. Use FIT to empower yourself and your life!

Come get your daily dose with us this week!!! New to FitHouse? Give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment and learn more about how we can help YOU on your health and fitness journey! 

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