Be the Best Version of YOU

be the best version of YOU

The BEST part about life?

Every day you wake up with a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself.

Do you ever find yourself laughing, calm and energized one minute and then hours later you are ready to snap at your kids or your husband?

Do you ever feel like you are two people living in one body? Jekyll and Hyde perhaps?  You find yourself yearning to be one way but sometimes acting in another way. I am right here with you.

From parenting to time management, relationships to getting organized, healthy eating to exercise, it’s easy to get inspired with an array of fantastic ideas—but do they they remain just ideas, floating around in your head without any action plan behind them?

One of the keys to becoming the BEST and happiest version of yourself is finding the life recipe that is right for you. In this day and age we are surrounded by so much information, we have the ability to follow friends and acquaintances almost every move or at least the ones that they want us to see on social media and we are able to google every element of our life.  That can make figuring out the Best version of ourselves a little challenging at times.  It can be hard to determine what makes the Best version of Us when we are bombarded with what the world thinks we should do, who they think we should be and not to let the outside world impact what we truly believe, feel and know in our hearts.

Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves is a lifelong journey. It changes with time, life circumstances, with our goals and with our dreams.

One of the first steps to discovering the right recipe for YOU is to decide what the best version of YOU looks like? What are the qualities that you display when you are the best version of you? Make a list of what those qualities are when you are the person that you love and want to be around.

What is it that brings out those qualities in you? Make a list

………time for yourself, doing things that you love, taking care of yourself, being with those that you care about

Now step into that not so lovely version of yourself…I call it Monster ME. The one that is not so fun to be around and sometimes like an alien takes over your current being. What cause that version to come out of hiding? Make that list.

……….when you are stressed, when you are not taking care of yourself, when you have too much on your plate, when you are not honest with yourself or when your actions are not in alignment with your goals?

For myself I feel the best when

I can be fully present with others

I spend quality time with those I care about

I exercise and eat healthy

I get enough sleep

I don’t pile too much on my plate

I have alone time to write, read or listen to a podcast

I have adventure in my life

I Feel and Act my worst when I am

Not present


Feeling  overwhelmed because I take on more than I should

Saying yes to things to please others instead of whats in alignment with myself


Not eating right and allowing myself recovery time

I’ve found that when I know what brings out my Monster ME then I can do the things that I need to do or avoid the things that I need to avoid in order to make that happen less…once in awhile is OK…after all some Monsters aren’t all bad.

It is always a process to find the recipe that is right for me and sometimes I have to tweak the recipe from time to time. When I go through a phase where I am lacking motivation, happiness and fulfillment then I know it’s time to take a look at my life recipe.

When I plan my weeks in advance making those things that bring out the BEST version of me a priority I find myself  more present,  calmer, happier and inspiring others more!

I challenge YOU to take the steps that will help you discover the BEST version of YOU!

YOU deserve to be happy, healthy and to have the confidence to share your awesomeness with the world!!!

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