SHIFT with it

No better time than now #FitHouse

No better time than now #FitHouseFor a lot of you with school age children we are celebrating the last week of summer and some of your kids will return to school this week. There is part of me that welcomes the structure and partial sanity that back to school brings and part of me that dreads the routine of packing lunches, PTA forms, homework, 4 different schools with 4 different bus times, new activity schedules and the insanity, etc. etc ! Once again I am reminded to take a DEEP breath and to SHIFT with it!

There are many times in life when we are forced to SHIFT!  Motherhood, new phases of life, new jobs, and unexpected life events are all things that can disrupt the “normal” in our life.  One of the biggest struggles is when we fight the change. It took me many years to realize that fighting those SHIFTS in life didn’t make them any easier. Some people are naturals but for some of us it takes practice.

The sooner that I could embrace the SHIFTS, accept that they were  going to be a part of my life for quite awhile and know that I would survives them the less scary they became!

So if you are going through a SHIFT right now with back to school, motherhood, a new job or some other event remember everything takes a little time to adapt! Be patient, make time for what is important to you. Keep your body and mind healthy, BREATHE Deeply and try to embrace the SHIFT!

As we go through the back to school shift that also means a little shift in our schedules at FitHouse as well! We will be working hard to get all of those out to you in the next few days as well as the BACK to SCHOOL SPECIALS! We are excited to Fall Back into Fitness with you!!!

Have a great week and we hope to see you in the House!!!

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