JUST DO IT. Even if You Suck.

Just do it. Even if you suck.

Do you have something that you don’t like to do or that you procrastinate doing because you feel like you suck at it? We all have things that we are great at and most of us have things that we SUCK at too…I have several but I will share one of those with you today.

Every week somehow this thing somehow manages to fall off my to do list!! While it may not seem like that big of a deal it is something that I know can help me get positive messages out there and can help me do a better job at reaching more people in an impactful way. There is no good reason not to do it other than feeling like I suck at it! That thing is Facebook live! Ugh!  I will do a dance for you or sing a song any day, get up in front of a crowd and talk, teach a class with 100 people but staring into FaceBook live is a different story!

When something is new to us a lot of times we are not great at it or we may even suck.How many times do you opt out of doing something because you think you won’t be good. We use the excuse “oh it’s really not my thing” when deep down we know we are just acting out of fear or discomfort. How many times do we tell our kids to get up and try again even when they aren’t great at something. It’s not always easy but we know that with consistency we often keep getting better and with enough consistency we can even eventually become a master at something!

Sometimes we need to JUST DO IT even if we suck! We all know what those things are! These are the things that we don’t have to do but we need to do because they are the things that make us better, the things that move us further on our mission, the things that move us closer to our dreams or to the person that we want to be.

This week I challenge you to suck at something and not care about it! Popover to the members Facebook page and share what it is!

I am pretty sure that if you stay consistent with that one thing, practice it regularly and make a commitment  it WILL get easier, you WILL get better and you WILL gain confidence to move me on to something even bigger!

Have a great week and we hope to see you in the House!!!

5k walk for colon cancer

Join FitHouse Sunday Sept. 17th at the South Side Works for the Pittsburgh Undy 5K Walk/Run for Colon Cancer! Formerly The Scope It Out 5K,  FitHouse is proud to be a part of this Event !! We will be leading the Warm Up for this to support a great cause. This is a great race for Families, first time 5kers and anyone looking to get out and support a great cause! Click here to register , donate or for more details!

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