No Better Time Than Now #FitHouse

No better time than now #FitHouse

No better time than now #FitHouse

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Happy Sunday!! I hope you all had a great week! We had an awesome trip from farm to beach meeting new friends and spending a week with family!

The farm experience was really cool! Although it was funny it made we realize how different our lives are and how sheltered we can become. The farm was about 20 minutes outside of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains but it was really remote in the area. The property was about 5 acres and it was surrounded by some trailers, camping sites and cabins. People came and went off the property and many of the people that were working there were volunteering and living in tents on the property! Can you imagine living out of a tent for 6-8 months?!?!  I thought a cruise ship cabin was roughing it! The cell phone reception and Wifi was limited so there wasn’t much service…no 911 in an emergency. As beautiful as it was the kids kept saying that it kind of reminded them of a horror movie, you know when you pull up to this beautiful cabin in the middle of nowhere and then at night the crazies come!  At night it was so desolate and quiet that I couldn’t help to feel that was actually comforting to hear those roosters cock a doodle doing in the early hours! It was such a cool place that I really wanted to know more about Franny, the owner and the story behind the farm.

One of my favorite parts of traveling a I get older is connecting with new people. The morning that we left I got to sit down with Franny over a cup of coffee and hear all about her story. She was a Nashville girl and had spent the past 15 years in Pharmaceuticals with a very comfortable 6 figure income. She said that in her last 5 years or so as a rep she had enough of the industry and just wanted out so she decided to take a BIG jump. Franny loved the outdoors and animals, she is a believer in whole foods, organic living and wanted a simple lifestyle. She bought the land that the farm was on 5 years ago and built everything from scratch. She went from her 6 figure lifestyle to having absolutely nothing. They spent about 10 months building the barn house and farm and living in a trailer. Just when they were going to build themselves (her and her husband) a little house on the top of the mountain on their property they found out that another 40 acres was up for sale right beside them. This was way more than their little house but they went for it. Franny is still living in a small trailer on her property and rents out the house that we stayed in. She said that she has never worked so hard in her life as she had in the past 5 years. She was a super cool chic and driven by a dream!  I told her that I would spread the word to anyone wanting to experience something different and fabulous in the Asheville area…it truly was a fabulous experience!

When I went to Vegas last month I had an opportunity to connect with one of my coaches. He asked me what was the biggest thing that I learned in the past year?  I thought for a little while and then I said I think I have to say Patience-
Anything great takes time! At the start of my FitHouse Journey 2-3 years ago there was so much that I wanted to happen. There was so much that I wanted to do and knew that I needed to do, so many ideas but in my head  I couldn’t make it all happen fast enough. How many times do we do this with
dreams, goals, struggles etc?  It was really hard not to worry and not want to throw in the towel over every setback. This helped me learn perseverance like never before and start to look at the bigger picture if I didn’t want to lose my sanity! It’s kinda like that 1% rule, when we take it one step at a time, one idea at a time, one challenge at a time, one stepping stone at a time, it adds up after time. Once you can accept that it is easier to enjoy the ride.
My conversation with Franny reinforced this thought!

The thing that I love about going away is that it often gives us the chance to get those juices flowing and get recharge our energy! It’s sometimes hard to get back to the “norm” but I love that feeling of coming back and seeing things through new eyes. I went for a a run this morning and although running on the beach next to the ocean was great the 90 degree humidity was not so fun. I had an extra appreciation for the green trees, the acorns on the ground, the deer that I passed and the crisp air!

I also had a chance to listen to a few audibles on my car rides and my runs! I Highly recommend
“The Five Second Rule” by Mel Robbins
and I am in the process of listening to
“How Not to Die” by Michael Greger MD..he cuts right to the point…lol! I went to his session in Vegas and definitely wanted to hear more about what he had to say!  I’ll share more on his info on adding years and quality to our lives and our children’s!

I challenge you this week to take a step that you are stalling on with your health, your fitness or something in life! Remember you can achieve anything that you desire as long as you are flexible with the timeline and you take the steps!

Have a great week and we hope to see you in the House!!!

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