Happy Easter…Celebrate Life and Cadbury Cream Eggs!!!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to Our FitHouse Family!!

A special part of all holidays are the traditions that they carry with them. Easter is no different. I have such great memories of dying Easter Eggs, Weaving Paper baskets, planting jellybeans for a lollipop garden, Stations of the cross and of course Chocolate! Chocolate isn’t one of my favorite indulgences BUT at Easter and there is ONE type of candy that makes my basket complete! The Cadbury Cream Egg! Hopefully some of you got one of those yesterday in the Drenched class! DO you have a favorite candy that puts an extra smile on your face and in your Tummy on Easter morning?!?!

I posted a short video called The Perfect Moment on our FitHouse Facebook page. If you get a few minutes go and check it out! Easter is a celebration of life!! Our lives are made up of many little moments. It’s so easy to look right past those “perfect moments” in our lives that happen every day. This video is a reminder that life is really about all of those Perfect moments and we need to make sure that we don’t miss them!!

Our FitHouse Family wishes you a wonderful day celebrating the gift of life, all of the special things and people around you and many “perfect moments”!!!

Happy Easter from all of us!!!!!

Join us in the HOUSE this week so we can help YOU Body and Mind!!!!