Kara Logero

Kara Logero

Kara is a true Pittsburgh girl, growing up in Washington, PA and attending college at Duquesne University.  At an early age, Kara found a love for musical theater, and began studying voice, acting, and dance. She performed in many shows with the Civic Light Opera and other regional theater companies

Many years later after struggling with her weight, fitness regimen and yo-yo dieting, Kara attended a cardio dance class, and she was hooked! It was a mix of her love for dance and music.  She has since been teaching fitness classes for the past ten years.  With a full time job and two kids, Kara understands that making time for fitness is a challenge, and she enjoys helping other busy women find that balance.

Kara lives in Peters Township with her husband Chris and two children, Nina and Rocco.

Training Philosophy

“Fitness is just as much mental as it is physical,” says Kara. “Time spent exercising improves all aspects of your life. When you are taking care of your body, I feel more equipped to take on anything!”

How do you recharge?

Talking to my husband. I couldn’t ask for a better support system at home. Whatever my problem, I feel talking to him always puts me at ease.

Coffee or Tea?


Secret Indulgence

Pizza without a doubt

When not at FitHouse, where will we find you?

Playing with my children. As a full time working mom, this is something I would always like more time for.

What's the greatest bit of advice a parent or mentor has given you?

So much of our achievements and failures start with our thought process. If I think I can- I most likely will.

Favorite and least favorite form of exercise?

Hello, DANCING!! Actually- I love any exercise that can incorporate great music! My least favorite would be the elliptical or any type of cardio based equipment….. I like to call them “torture devices”

Favorite outdoor activity?

Drinking wine