Love Your Body!

love your body

It’s the week of LOVE!!! 

It’s Valentine’s Week and hopefully that means a little extra love in the air. Let’s talk about love!

What do you love?? Who do you love??? Why do you love?

Love is NOT always easy. Think about your families, your spouses, your children, your friends. Love means accepting the good and bad, the highs and lows the pretty and the ugly. Our kids are not always cute and sweet, sometimes our significant others annoy us, our friends may disappoint us at times but when the good things far outweigh the bad we overlook these things and we love anyway!!

What about our bodies??

Do you love your body?!!?

Why is it that when it comes to our bodies we often change the rules. Sometimes our bodies aren’t always pretty to us, sometimes we get annoyed by our performance or our bodies disappoint us. Do we love them anyway??

Don’t get me wrong I think it is very important to feel good in your skin but it’s also equally important to love our bodies through the process and understand that although we can strive to do our best that doesn’t mean we can always be at our best. The feat of loving our bodies through their imperfections is definitely not always easy.

How do we love our bodies?

Think about your other relationships. How do you love your children, your family, your friends? Love grows in our relationships when we have patience, we work at

Here are some things that we need to STOP doing

Stop thinking your looks are more important than how you feel.

Stop waiting to reach your goal to enjoy your body.

Stop judging yourself by what you can’t do and instead celebrate what you can.

Stop letting the number on the scale or your pant size define you.

Stop letting a look or comment from someone else determine how you feel about yourself.

Stop giving up because you make a mistake, learn, grow and get better!

Enjoy the miracle that is you.

Our bodies are quite amazing! They give us life, they bare our children, they heal, they perform tremendous feats, they are quite possibly the most fascinating things on earth!

When you love your body these things will matter a lot more and you will begin to make them a priority


Food is fuel and can be healing or toxic


It keeps us healthy and strong, gives us energy and makes us smarter


You deserve it! It keeps our bodies and minds healthy, helps us recover and our cells stay alive


Our bodies and minds need to recover to feel good and be healthy. Rest, massage, meditation, recovery modalities are all ways to love our bodies better.


A healthy strong body and mind allow us to live our lives to the fullest.

I remember once hearing the statement,

“You can tell what’s important to a person by looking at their calendar and their checkbook”.

Where do you spend your time and your money?  That was eyeopening to me! It is a good question to ask ourselves and look at periodically. Make sure it is in alignment with what is really important to you. There is no better investment than the investment that you make in yourself and your health. LOVE your body…you have only got one!!

Happy Valentine's Week!

Let’s make 2018 the STRONGEST year of our lives

See You in the HOUSE!!!