Today I was grateful for..

I am grateful for..

Today I was grateful for

  •  The FitHouse family that inspired me to start the day with exercise and abundant energy
  • A Body that works hard when I ask it to
  • Kids sleepovers and little girls laughs and giggles
  •  The Crisp fall air
  •  Family time on Sundays

There are so many blessings that surround us but sometimes its easy to lose sight of those between the laundry that needs done, meals that need prepared, work that needs to be completed, whining kids, a house that needs cleaned, a body that feels tired etc. etc.

It’s easy to take for granted those things that are the most important in our lives, our families, our health, our freedoms and abilities. Often it is when we lose one of those things that we realize how important they truly are to us.

Join me in training the gratitude muscle this month and raising  appreciation for all of the blessings that surround us big and small.

The Gratitude Challenge!

Everyday will start with three things I am grateful for! We will do this at FitHouse at the end of our classes!

Every day I will say thank you to someone I am grateful for!
End the day asking your children, spouse, or yourself what the best part of your day was!

Pretty Simple!!!

Becoming more grateful can be a key to changing habits, creating more happiness in your life and improving your health! Let’s be grateful together!!!