Get Your Kids BETTER, FASTER and STRONGER with FitHouse!

Two Types of Conditioning AGES 12+

  • FitHouse Kids Sports Conditioning  MONDAY, FRIDAY 4:15-5 PM
  • FitHouse TEEN Lift TUESDAY, THURSDAY 5-5:45 PM

Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll your child in our fun & results-oriented camps designed specifically for them! The LIFT and Sports Conditioning each focus on two different important components of athletics/fitness.

FitHouse Sports Conditioning- M/F 4:15-5 PM

FitHouse Kids Sports Conditioning focuses on speed and agility as well as conditioning and functional strength. They will use a variety of equipment to increase coordination, quickness, functional movement, balance, and mobility.

FitHouse TEEN Lift- T/TH 5-5:45 PM

FitHouse Teen Lift focuses on the four foundational lifts to develop maximal strength. Students are challenged at their own individual levels with the guidance of the coach. Many children go into lifting programs without the proper knowledge of technique, the understanding of how to increase mobility and without the proper mechanics. This can lead to imbalances, injuries, and lack of progress down the road. Our mission is to be able to provide the proper foundation for our young athletes to help them thrive and build a solid foundation.