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Stay summer STRONG with FitHouse

By Christine Parker | Jun 26, 2017

Summer has arrived!!  I hope that your summer is off to a great start! We spent the last week at The Kalahari Resort in Ohio for a dance competition! It was a fun-filled week with lots of dance, waterslides and family fun with both our dance family and the Parker family, but it always feels […]

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stay summer STRONG happy fathers day

Summer STRONG…Happy Father’s Day!

By Christine Parker | Jun 19, 2017

Happy Father’s Day  to all of our FitHouse Fathers out there!  Being a father is an important role and one that has a lifetime impact!!! We are at Kalahari for the week for our dance nationals…..participating in that alone is a huge fatherly feat. Before we left this morning the kids showered their dad with […]

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FitHouse 2 Year Anniversary

Two years stronger!!!

By Christine Parker | Jun 12, 2017

This week was full of Firsts and my heart was full of gratitude!! This week we celebrated our official two year Anniversary of FitHouse. This week was also the release of the book that I had the opportunity to co author “10 Stories of Strong Living, True Fitness Begins in the Heart.” I also had […]

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FitHouse 2 Year Anniversary

Two Years in the Books!

By Christine Parker | Jun 5, 2017

Happy 2-Year Anniversary FitHouse!!!!!   It is a Special Week at FitHouse. June 6th celebrates our 2 year Anniversary AND the launch of the book that I co authored “10 Stories of Strong Living” Anniversaries are a reminder of many things! The past 2 Years have built a Community of people who are passionate about living, […]

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10 Stories of Strong Living out June 6th!!!!

By Christine Parker | May 22, 2017

I am super excited to share with you the final version of the book cover “10 Stories of STRONG LIVING”  a project that I am honored to be a part of!  There were so many great things about this experience but I just want to highlight a few. We all have a story that is […]

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collage of pictures of Fithouse members at the "Mud on the Mountain" event

Success happens when we leave our comfort zone!!!

By Christine Parker | May 15, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our FABULOUS moms out there! I got to spend my Mother’s Day weekend surrounded by some of the fabulous FitHouse Family!!! There were so many great things about this weekend but one of the best parts was seeing how accomplished so many people felt and how much fun everyone […]

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large strawberry; "the beauty of "food as medicine" is that the choice to heal and promote health can begin as soon as the next meal"

Change Your Diet…Change Your Life!

By Christine Parker | May 8, 2017

Guys, I have been talking to so many people lately about different health conditions ranging from autoimmune diseases to significant aches and pains in the body to mental health problems. When we start to talk there seems to be one HUGE common link in so many of the cases…..less than adequate diets.  I am NO […]

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Consistency is where transformation and greatness happen!!!!!

By Christine Parker | May 1, 2017

Hello All!!! I am following up this week from last weeks Spring Cleaning Challenge!! While I wasn’t absolutely perfect..knew I probably wouldn’t be but figured if I aimed high I might get somewhat close…I made some pretty good changes that left me with more energy, in a better mood, 2.5 lbs lighter and left my […]

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4 Simple Rules for Renewal from the Inside Out!

By Christine Parker | Apr 24, 2017

Between a teenager, a toddler and two in between I can often relate to that saying “Cleaning your house with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos!” I know that many of you can relate! There was a lot of spring cleaning going on in our house today and it felt GREAT! It […]

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