I Never Lose. Either I win Or I Learn.

I never lose. Either I won or I learn.

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend and didn’t get tricked too much by any Leprechauns! The Leprechaun visited our house but I’m pretty sure the joke was on us! First of all I’m not sure what goes on at preschool but I think Brooklynn was more excited about setting Leprechaun traps around the house than she was for Santa Claus coming. We had traps in every room and hallway. She lined the upstairs hallway with a trail of pillows that ended with a pair of boots and a paper bag with some almonds in it…lol! Well Leprechaun Parker decided it would be a great idea to pile all of the pillows outside of Brooklynn’s bedroom door topped off with the sequin leprechaun hat….it looked pretty funny and also looked like it would create a bit of an obstacle when trying to open the door. The toilets were green and a trail of chocolate coins were left throughout the house as well. The Leprechaun struck again!

Well at about 4 AM the joke was on us when a blood curdling scream came from behind the pile of pillows “I can’t get out, I can’t get out” After everyone in the house finally managed to calm Brooklynn down a second round of despair came when she realized that her traps all failed and she didn’t catch the Leprechaun. Three guesses as to whose bed Brooklynn ended up in and if she ever went back to sleep or just lay awake listening for the Leprechaun. I think the Leprechaun will have a new plan next year!

It can be disappointing when you work really hard at something and things don’t turn out as you want them to. When you take risks, step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself at a higher levels often the greater the chance at losing or failing. The idea of failing at something or losing can be disappointing and scary. The fact is that most of the time it’s just our own ego that gets squashed. I just had a conversation with my 10 year old about something she was afraid to do because people might make fun of her. I said yes you are right they might and that is something that you can’t control. You may not be great the first or second or third time that you try, but the ones who get great are the ones who don’t quit. If you learn something every time you try even if you don’t feel great or you aren’t the best then you have won something!

We just finished the second week of our March Madness Challenge. There were some people this week who expressed that they were disappointed with their performances. It’s crazy how we can beat ourselves up. These challenges were HARD! Several people made two or three attempts at the challenges and got better with each….that’s the power of practice! We can’t always be great or as great as we want…but we CAN work to learn from our losses and get better as we go! Anyone who participated and finished this week should be very proud of your efforts! Congrats on week 2 and remember You never LOSE….you either win or learn. With that attitude you can never fail!

See You in the HOUSE this week!!!