Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself-Mind. Body. and Spirit.


WIth the New Year often brings new things to focus on. This year I want to make sure to bring a deeper focus on RECOVERY. When we think about health and fitness the body often is the first thing to come to mind. True health and fitness is the body, the mind and the spirit all being connected. We have all heard the quote Work Hard, Play Hard. I love that one and I try to incorporate into my life more often than not. Sometimes the play doesn’t happen as often as I’d like and that is why I make sure to schedule it! Work and play both feed the body and mind.
There has been so much amazing hard work and great energy here at FitHouse in the New Year already. WIth that said, the harder we work the harder we need to recover. Recovery restores us Body, Mind and Spirit. I am typing this right now during Brits Restorative Yoga class. It is a full house and the presence in the room is for lack of better words DEEP. The energy is centered, it is calm, it is peaceful and yet it is powerful. Sometimes we have to put ourselves in a setting that allows our mind to relax and let go just as much as our bodies.I can guarantee that ALL of us need this in our lives.
I urge you this week to think about how you can add more recovery into your week and your life for both your body and your mind. Maybe it is foam rolling for a few minutes each day. Maybe it is meditating or getting a massage or maybe it is just closing your eyes and breathing deep. Like everything sometimes it takes practice and sometimes we don’t always feel good at it in the beginning. I can guarantee you if you stick with it you won’t regret it! Look forward for more ways to help you recover right here at FitHouse. We’ve got one body, one mind, one life…we got to make it great!!!!
See You in the HOUSE!!!

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