Be a Role Model

be a role model

A new year means new goals, new motivation, new ways to make it happen! We are always happy to see new faces in the house, bring back old ones, and help those of you who want a little extra push! A lot of our members have been participating in one of the 6 week challenges and have made amazing progress so far! It’s great to see what our bodies are capable of when we set our minds to it. Now that the end of the month is approaching, don’t lose sight of those new goals and motivation you’ve been working so hard for! We’ve got one body, one mind, one life…we got to make it great!!!! Never forget who’s watching… those kiddos! We asked our challenge groups a little bit about their WHY? The responses were… amazing, to say the least. What is your WHY? What is it that’s going to push you through the rest of the year?! I wanted to share a few of the ‘Whys’ we received below, check them out and feel free to email us yours!

“I need to break my habit and start new healthier eating habits that my children will learn and hopefully continue to use throughout their lives. I want my example to be a good one!”

“I have been working on this for the past 6months and it is hard work but I like how I’m feeling and I’m definitely making better choices!”

“To lead by example for my family. To be able to keep up with my kids and live the most active and healthy life I can live.”

“I appreciate that I have my health and 2018 is my year of transformation. This challenge is a great way for me to start by fueling my body with good food accompanied by some good hard work at Fithouse. It has and will show me what my effort can do. I Believe those efforts will transfer to other efforts in meaningful areas of my life: family, relationships, career, and home to create my best life.”

As you can see, all of these WHY’s have something in common… You are a role model! You owe it to your kids, your families, and to yourself to keep doing great, to show them that they can do it too. All it takes is the right mindset!

Let’s make 2018 the STRONGEST year of our lives

See You in the HOUSE!!!