The Best Presents don’t come under the tree!


I just got finished cuddling on the couch with the kids watching one of my favorite Christmas movies “The Grinch.” Normally Sunday nights don’t go like that especially at this time of year! It’s usually a mad rush to get myself ready for the week, get the kids ready for the week, get the newsletter out and try to get enough zzz’s to start the week fresh.
This Holiday I was given one of the best gifts ever by my team…the gift of time! I was informed last week that they would be covering my 27 classes and training sessions this week. I can’t express how much I appreciate this!! It was a weird feeling because I love this time of year, playing Christmas music, infusing holiday fun into classes and spreading some holiday cheer. For that reason you won’t be able to keep me away completely and I still have plenty of FitHouse stuff to keep me busy outside of the studio but it will be amazing to have the extra time to focus on that as well stuff as well as be able to spend extra time with my loved ones, doing other things that I love and to go into the holiday with some extra zzz’s!!! This truly is better than anything that could come under a tree and I appreciate the entire FitHouse family for your flexibility as well!!! I am excited to join you all in some classes this week !!!!!!


See You in the House!!!!

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