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magic pill

magic pill

One of the most challenging things in health and fitness is that the information is constantly changing. It is very likely that that what we learn is great for us today we could learn is not so great for us tomorrow. After a month of adding coconut oil to my morning coffee I read at least three reports about the heighten risk of cardiovascular disease with consuming coconut oil (but it’s still great on the skin). There is a lot of information out there and some of it even contradicts the next. I just had a discussion with a doctor recently and one thing that we did agree on was that every body is different. One of the first steps in knowing what is right for you is understanding the science behind what you are doing whether it be nutrition, exercise or lifestyle. It is really frustrating that the consumer can slap a label on something and call it light or all natural and give a large part of the population the idea that it is healthy. Many people equate those labels with health without really understanding what they are consuming. Many also still have a tendency to count calories and look at the less calories as better than more instead of looking at the quality of what they are consuming.

Why would it better to consume something with more calories than something with fewer calories? That is the question that a lot of people ask. All calories are NOT created equal just as all products are not created equal. Hands down our bodies and our children’s bodies function the best on high quality food with little additives and chemicals. Did you know that there are over 14,000 man-made chemicals added to our food supply in our country alone? These additives are not meant to be part of our natural nutrition. The sad thing is that our children are the ones that suffer the most because they are exposed to these substances from an early age. The food industry has absolutely changed in the past 25 years. Our bodies were not meant to be exposed to the amount of chemicals and food additives that are being added to our diets. And one of the truly scary things is that scientist have no idea the synergistic effect of all these chemicals. Studies are just starting to focus on our chemical “Body Burden.” That is, the total accumulated chemicals in our body.

Often we just equate “unhealthy food” with weight gain but we don’t think about  the fact that all of these chemicals, additives and preservatives  in our bodies can cause a lot more disruption. Studies are finding a link to metabolic issues, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, cancer, and other diseases.

So what does this all mean? Am I saying that we can never indulge if we want to be healthy?!? Not at all! I’m not giving up my pizza and ice cream and you don’t have to either! But we all need to become familiar with the types of chemicals and food additives that we are putting into our bodies. Even when it comes to pizza and ice cream there is real versus fake! You can go on the Internet and find all kinds of lists on additives and preservatives. We need to make sure that a majority of the time we are fueling our bodies with clean, high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory foods to help keep our immune systems strong, our hormones functioning well and our minds operating at full capacity. Don’t always equate health to a clothes size. Research is finding that our guts are directly related to our immune systems and our minds. If there is one area to continually do your research it is with the products that go in and on your body! You are what you eat…don’t be cheap or fake!

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